Firm History

Elmore & Associates, PLLC (formerly known as Block & Elmore, PLLC) was established in 2012. Prior to the formation of the firm, Debra Elmore was a founding partner of Henderson Block & Elmore, PLLC and former partners at Cruse, Scott, Henderson & Allen, LLP in Houston, Texas.

The attorneys at Elmore & Associates, PLLC have a long history of representing diverse clients throughout Texas. The firm’s partners have more than 20 years of experience in representing clients in Texas courts and federal courts throughout the country. They have garnered a reputation for handling pharmaceutical and medical device lawsuits on behalf of physicians and other health care providers. Lawyers at Elmore & Associates, PLLC have played a role in major drug and device matters that have been litigated over the past twenty years including silicone breast implants, Norplant, Fen-Phen, Vioxx, Hormone Replacement Therapy and a myriad of miscellaneous types of drug and device cases. Ms. Elmore has represented health care providers in malpractice cases, in Texas Medical Board matters and in actions brought by the Texas Attorney General.

The primary focus of the firm’s current practice is in the area of privacy and cyber law. Attorneys at Elmore & Associates, PLLC represent health care providers and businesses on federal and state privacy and security matters. Lawyers at the firm have been involved with the handling of HIPAA/HITECH and Texas state privacy and security incidents, data breaches and the breach notification processes on behalf of their clients. The firm further provides legal advice to its clients on federal and state privacy and security regulations and HIPAA/HITECH compliance issues. Attorneys at Elmore & Associates, PLLC perform HIPAA risk assessments and conduct HIPAA and Texas privacy law training as mandated by both HIPAA and Texas House Bill 300. Elmore & Associates, PLLC also represents clients in federal investigations brought against their clients by the Office of Civil Rights. Debra Elmore has had the privilege of giving presentations and seminars to numerous organizations and clients throughout the state regarding privacy and cyber law. They have conducted seminars and made presentations at The Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, North Texas Society For Healthcare Risk Management 2012 Annual Conference, Texas Medical Liability Trust Fall 2012 Seminar Series, Texas Healthcare Information Technology & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2013 State Conference at the Texas State Capitol, Texas Healthcare Information Management Association (TxHIMA) 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference and at numerous Texas County Medical Associations.

Elmore & Associates, PLLC also provides legal guidance and representation for its clients on wills, estate and probate matters. For more information on the types of estate and probate matters that are handled by the firm, please go to our Home Page and click on “Wills & Probate.”