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Welcome to our website. The attorneys at Elmore & Associates, PLLC are committed to developing a detailed and intimate knowledge of the health care industry with respect to patient privacy. We pride ourselves in staying abreast of the various privacy and health care laws and regulations that impact our clients, all of which are changing at an accelerated pace. It takes a conscientious and dedicated legal team in health care law, like Elmore & Associates, PLLC, to identify and effectively interpret the latest developments in federal and state privacy law and assist health care providers and businesses to implement them in their organizations.

To stay atop the ever changing privacy and security regulations and concerns that confront our clients, not only do we review and analyze the latest laws and regulations on a regular basis but we are also active members of the National Health Care Compliance Association, attend conferences with our fellow health care compliance colleagues and professionals to learn about the most recent developments and issues facing the health care industry and visit health care and client sites on a regular basis where we work hand-in-hand with health care and business professionals to address privacy and security concerns. We are also recognized as knowledgeable speakers regarding federal and state privacy law and have been invited to give numerous presentations on this topic to a variety of medical organizations throughout Texas.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the passage of stringent Texas privacy laws comes the transformation of the practice of medicine. Health care professionals and businesses that provide services or products to medical organizations in Texas now face tough challenges as they attempt to navigate through and comply with the laws and regulations related to patient privacy. As health care data breaches continue to rise in this industry, health care providers and organizations with whom they do business could find themselves in the midst of governmental audits and investigations which can lead to the assessment of hefty penalties and fines.

In this new regulatory environment, it is in the best interest of every health care professional and organization doing business in the health care industry to have knowledgeable legal counsel available to provide legal advice, assist with regulatory compliance and represent the medical professional and organization when health care data breaches occur. The attorneys at Elmore & Associates, PLLC have over 20 years of experience representing health care providers and organizations in a wide array of health care matters including HIPAA investigations, health care data breaches, federal and state health care and privacy investigations, Texas Medical Board investigations, not to mention medical malpractice and pharmaceutical litigation.

We consider it an honor that many health care providers and organizations have chosen us as their legal advisors and attorneys for more than 20 years.

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